Arts Workshops

A watercolor painting of a meandering path through beach grass and wild flowers. Long Island Sound can be seen in the distance.

Beach Scene painted by instructor Donna Brien

Watercolor, Beginner and intermediate

In progress. Closed to new registrations.

Saturday, April 22, 2023
5 sessions
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Absolute beginners: No experience required.
Ages 16+

Location: Sterling House Community Center

This basic watercolor class will give students the fundamentals of the medium. Projects will include a floral study, still life and a simple landscape.


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Intro to iPad Painting

2 sessions (Zoom online)

New Classes TBA

Beginner: ages 18+

In this class students will learn the basics of sketching and painting using the Procreate app. Subjects will include still life, landscape and abstract painting.  Read more and register…




Beginner Drawing

Dates TBD

Ages 18+

Anyone can learn to draw! This course is for all those with little or no experience. This is an introductory class to understand and build fundamental drawing skills based on the concept of seeing and defining basic shapes in relation to each other in a lit environment…




Dynamic Portraits

Dates TBD
Ages 18+

One of the most challenging endeavors for artists is drawing the human head. This class offers artists basic construction and facial features of the head, as well as and rendering shades and hair textures. Facial expressions and movement of the head will be taught as well. This class is an asset for those wishing to draw or paint portraits..




Marketing for Creatives

Tuesday/Thursday, 2 sessions
Online (Zoom) Workshop

This live workshop has already taken place. Stay tuned for the opportunity purchase class videos.

Learn how to sell your work and get the recognition you deserve.  This Marketing for Creatives workshop will teach participants how to use easy DIY marketing techniques to promote themselves and their work. We’ll cover the basics of marketing strategy, PR, websites, digital & social media marketing, and more… read more.


Level One: The Art of Improv Comedy

Day TBD, 5 sessions
Online (Zoom) Workshop

Date TBD

Do you ever feel like your funny bone is broken? Terminally serious? In need of a good belly laugh? If so, we have the remedy and the cure! Join us for an adventure into the unknown where you’ll rediscover your funny bone and deeper facets of yourself while just having some plain ol’ fun… read more.