Creative Conversation Series

Arts Alliance of Stratford is creating an ongoing Creative Conversation series of where creatives present on a topic via Zoom and share their knowledge and experiences with the participants. If you are a creative who would like to present,  please contact us. 


Your Life As Your Art

with Brian Hogan
Tuesday, June 14, 2022 (new date)

Come hear Brian discuss the emerging links between creativity and well-being, playfulness and trauma, and the imagination and healing so that as artists we can be at the forefront of bringing hope and peace to a humanity that is currently going through more than our fair share of struggles.

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Anna Mayta

Photo by Evangeline Gala

Fusion Dance Talk with Anna Mayta

Past event

February 2021

Dancer, choreographer and teacher Anna Mayta talks about how you can learn about different cultures through dance.


VFX/Animation Talk with Alison Kellom

Past event

February 2021

A discussion on the history and future of Visual Effects and Animation. Learn about film fundamentals and how animation evolved to the entertainment we consume now…read more


What are NFT’s and what do they mean for Artists?

with Raheem Nelson
Past Event – March 8, 2022


In this timely and innovative artist talk, Raheem Nelson talks about his first hand experience minting and creating NFTS. What does it all mean for artists in general? Let’s find out together.

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Creating Art in Havana, Cuba

with Raheem Nelson
Past Event – April 12, 2022

In this artist talk, Raheem Nelson talks about his experience taking an artist trip to Havana, Cuba to create digital paintings, photography and acclimating to how life is lived in Cuba.

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