Creative Writing Classes

Creative Writing Classes

Saturday, October 23, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Zoom Online
$40 per class / $30 per class for members

Ongoing Creative Writing sessions
Online (Zoom) Workshops


October 23 – Creative Writing: Spoken Word

November 6 – Creative Writing (& more): Imagination Practice

November 20 – Creative Writing: Invoking Gratitude Through Writing (in honor of Thanksgiving time)

December 18 – Creative Writing: Opening to the Spirit of Peace & Joy (with sense-drenching exercises and brain hacks to tune to peace and joy through writing, in honor of holidays)

10:00am – 12:00pm Eastern Time
7:00 – 9:00am Pacific Time

Arts Alliance of Stratford members: $30 each session
Non-members: $40 each session

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Creative Writing: Spoken Word (October 23)

Beginning to advanced writers welcome.

Do you have plenty to say but don’t seem to know where to begin? Do you love music and singing but don’t feel musically inclined? Do you love poetry, theater or any performing arts?  

Then you might just fall in love with the art of the Spoken Word.

The medium of poetry thrives on vivid imagery and description. But not just visual imagery, any “image” or description that activates any of the five senses, taste, smell, touch, or sound as well. 

Spoken word is similar to poetry, but the primary sense we tap into here is auditory, the sense of hearing.  Spoken word is lyrical, a song without music, a speech without formality or a poem without a page.  

In this workshop you will discover the rhythms that want to create themselves as you unlock your stream of consciousness and create a spoken word piece in real time that comes directly from your heart.  You will learn how to craft a piece that is meaningful to you, dripping with wisdom, or mystery, or humor, and how to punctuate or highlight that meaning through the use of skillful rhyme, strategic metaphor and unexpected repetition. We will examine a few famous spoken word pieces in detail and then we will spend time writing and workshopping our own spoken word masterpieces. 

Creative Writing (& more): Imagination Practice (Nov. 6)

Beginner to advanced artists of any medium welcome.

Like any muscle, your imagination gets stronger with use and weaker when neglected. Using specially designed tools to unlock the power of your creativity we will journey deep into the realm of your subconscious mind, strengthen the parts of your brain in charge of imagination and practice exercises and tools the help artists that work in any medium liberate their artistic impulses from their second-guesser mind. Whether you’re a writer or a painter, a chef or a trapeze artist, a mom or a model, these fun and practical exercise will set your brain on fire, melt creative blocks and become part of your creativity tool box for the rest of your life.

Creative Writing: Invoking Gratitude Through Writing (Nov. 20)

Writers of any level welcome.

Are you grateful for pumpkin spiced lattes but angry about the state of our world? Are you thankful for family and friends, but disgusted with the human trajectory toward destruction we see playing out in the news? Do you find yourself, at this Thanksgiving time, struggling to be grateful because you are also anxious, fed up, or furious?  

Then this workshop is for you.  

In this workshop participants will discover the awesome power of our thinking, how to harness it, channel it, and use it to improve our life experience.  By using carefully designed writing prompts and creativity hacks to unlock gratitude we will soothe the logical left brain that keeps us in a state of fear, confusion and anxiety and learn how to shift into the right brain states of play and curiosity.  

If you are overflowing with gratitude then this workshop will give you a chance to pour that out into the world in your writing. If you are running on empty and resentment threatens to end your happiness then this workshop will give you the tools you need to begin to shift your thoughts, which shifts your emotions, which in turn, shifts your entire experience.  

What are you waiting for? Sign up today. You’ll thank yourself later. 

Creative Writing: Opening to the Spirit of Peace & Joy (Dec. 18) 

Writers of any level welcome.

Are you struggling to find peace this year? Has COVID triggered your anxiety and you don’t know how to shut it off?  Or has the political landscape got your pulling your hair out? Does living a life free of stress and filled with peace feel like a fairy tale? 

“Living in Joy and Peace is something from Holiday Hallmark movies, and it’s fun to watch and all, but it’s not real life, Brian.” Is that it?  

Well, I’ve got good news! Living in Joy and Peace is more dependent on the way we use our brain than it is on the way we live our lives. This holiday season, as many cultures celebrate their traditions this workshop will help us embrace the energy of celebration more regularly, thoroughly, and deeply.  Through science-based brain hacks and carefully crafted writing exercises participants will discover that we have more control over our inner states of being that we have been taught, and we can use this understanding to create peace, in ourselves first, and then the world. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up today. Yule totally enjoy it! 

Please note: These classes will take place on Zoom. Have the Zoom app downloaded onto your device and become familiar with using it prior to the first class.

About the instructor

Brian Hogan is a guest lecturer and program coordinator at Sacred Heart University’s Graduate Film/TV & Screenwriting Program. He has released multiple award-winning short films and a two-hour award winning TV pilot screenplay. He is also a Creativity and Clarity Coach specializing in helping artists and creatives find clarity and move past blocks as they discover and honor their own artistic processes. For more about Brian see


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