June Monthly Youth Arts Meeting

Challenge image for the June arts meeting. Image shows swan parents and signets

June Monthly Youth Arts Meeting

Saturday, June 4, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Google Meet online
Free for Student/Youth/Family Arts Alliance of Stratford Members
Megan McCool

Got Creative Kids?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a space where young artists can connect with each other?

We want to build a community... to create a space for young artists of all kinds to affirm and support each other, build their confidence, and for the older youth to develop their leadership skills.

Join us at a new monthly meeting where youth in grades 5-12 can meet and exchange ideas and positive feedback with other young artists. Come prepared with your interpretation of the monthly challenge (described below) or just pop in to see what it’s all about! At the end, we can share other work you are creating, so pick something you are working on to show!

Theme Challenge: FamilyChallenge image for the June arts meeting. Image shows swan parents and signets

Use the photo of the swan parents and signets as a starting point to explore your own idea of how to interpret Family. You can download your own copy from Pixabay.com

It’s all up to you and your interpretation of the challenge!

Grab your paints, pencils, writing pad or other creative implements and make something inspired based on Family. Use the theme to create something unique. Follow your imagination where it takes you.

The challenge is open to visual art, writing, poetry, music or performance.

Some possible interpretations:

  • Human families – traditional, extended, partners, single parent, multi-generational etc.
  • The Family of Man-we are all of the Human Family
  • Animal Families
  • Collections of similar things in the natural world or the man-made realm

Each month a new challenge theme is announced at the end of the monthly meeting. You can present your finished or “in process” work at this meeting on the 4th of June.

You can also share some of your artwork!

  • Ask for advice if you are stalled on a piece and don’t know how to proceed
  • Have you written something you would like to share?
  • Have some recent work? let us see it.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an art class. There will be no instruction and no project to do during the meeting. This meeting is for young artists to connect with other young artists, to have a project to work on and look forward to sharing, to sharing other art, and to give and receive feedback, ask questions, and participate in general discussion about everyone’s artwork and process. 

PARENTS: If you are interested in attending our regular monthly arts meeting to preview what a monthly meeting is all about, (it shares a similar format as this youth meeting geared towards young artists) please join us on the first Tuesday evening of every month. You can register here. This adult meeting is free of charge for 2 meetings. If you enjoy it, too, consider becoming a member yourself or as a family!

Youth meetings are free to attend for Youth/Student and Family Arts Alliance of Stratford members.(You can become an Arts Alliance of Stratford youth.student or family member for $25 per year. Members enjoy discounts and other benefits for workshops, shows and other Alliance events. You can become a member by joining at this link. If you are already a member, you only need to register for the meeting below.)

The meeting link and password will be emailed to you after your membership and meeting registration are both completed. Contact education@artsallianceofstratford.org if you do not receive a Google Meet link within 24 hours of a completed registration.