Creative Conversations: Your Life As Your Art

Creative Conversations: Your Life As Your Art

Tuesday, June 14, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Zoom Online
Free / Suggested $10 donation
Megan McCool

Part of the Creative Conversation Series

with Brian Hogan
Instructor of Creative Writing Classes & Writers’ Group 

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The way we live is our message to the world. Our life story is based on our culture, conditioning, beliefs, traumas and infinite other factors in our environment. As artists and creatives we are messengers, creating something for the world that was not there before. When we turn our creative eye within, on our selves, we can become the artists of our own lives, creating beauty and inspiring awe in places where mere existence used to reside.

Come hear Brian discuss the emerging links between creativity and well-being, playfulness and trauma, and the imagination and healing so that as artists we can be at the forefront of bringing hope and peace to a humanity that is currently going through more than our fair share of struggles.  


Brian Hogan

Brian Hogan is a adjunct professor and guest lecturer at Sacred Heart University’s Graduate Film/TV & Screenwriting Program. He has released multiple award-winning short films and a two-hour award winning TV pilot screenplay. He is also a Creativity and Clarity Coach specializing in helping artists and creatives find clarity and move past blocks as they discover and honor their own artistic processes. For more about Brian see