Spotlight on Creatives

Arts Alliance of Stratford is creating an ongoing series of artist interviews, highlighting members and creatives in the greater Stratford area and others connected with the Alliance. We are offering high school student volunteers a real world opportunity to interview, write, and publish some of these articles, training with us and conducting interviews via Zoom. If you would like to participate by interviewing, writing, or by being a creative interviewee, please contact us. 


Alison Kellom

by Danielle Haniph
(grade 11)

Have you heard of Alison Kellom? Having worked at Disney, Warner Bros, and 2K Games, Alison is a classically trained visual artist who has a successful career in the arts.  Learn more about Alison’s story and artistic personality in this interview by AAS student member, Danielle Haniph. Read article here.




Stephen Sookoo

by Kathnie Fabre
(grade 9)

Stephen Sookoo is a talented Stratford artist that sells his art all over the world. Born in Trinidad before migrating to the United States at the age of three, as long as he could remember, Stephen has been interested in art. Read article here.


Fusion Groove Dance with Anna Mayta

Anna Mayta

by Natalia Rivera
(grade 9)

Anna Mayta explains what fusion dance is as she takes us along on her journey from childhood in Chile to Mayta Fusion Dance in New York. Read article here.