Terms & Conditions for Figure Drawing via Zoom Sessions

This document applies to Figure Drawing via Zoom and Long Pose Figure Study on Zoom.

This session will feature a nude model who will take artistically appropriate poses for artists to create drawings and other works of art. If this makes you uncomfortable for any reason, do not register for this session.

These terms & conditions outline our code of conduct which we expect ALL participants to abide by.

Participants must be 18 years of age or older, and must check “yes” in response to the question “Are you 18 years of age or older?” If you are under the age of 18 and check “yes” in response to this question, you are committing fraud, and you, your parents, guardians, extended family and other representatives will be personally liable to the model and Arts Alliance of Stratford for any injury, damage, liability or harm which results from your fraud and dishonesty. If the moderator in his or her sole discretion suspects you are under the age of 18, your participation in this session will be terminated without recourse or liability to Arts Alliance of Stratford.

Photographing or recording the model or any portion of this session, including screenshots and cell phone photography, is strictly prohibited. Anyone who violates this rule will be forever banned from all Arts Alliance of Stratford programs and activities. You agree to immediately delete or destroy any photographs or recordings of this session upon the demand of Arts Alliance of Stratford, and agree that Arts Alliance of Stratford may obtain an injunction or restraining order prohibiting you from using any such photographs or recordings in any way.

All questions or instructions to the model will be submitted via the moderator. Inappropriate comments on the model’s appearance, body parts, or any speech or discussion which in the moderator’s sole discretion is likely to make the model or other attendees uncomfortable will not be tolerated. The moderator will terminate the connection of any participant who violates this rule.

Participants may not ask the model questions of a personal nature. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • relationship status
  • model’s personal life
  • sexual orientation
  • home address, phone number or other contact information

By participating in this session you indemnify the model, Arts Alliance of Stratford and its principals, and hold them harmless from any loss, damage, liability, cost or expense which they may incur as a result of your violation of any of the above terms and conditions. Arts Alliance of Stratford makes no representations, promises or warranties about the quality of this session or the results you may achieve by participating in this class.

This Zoom session requires a password to participate. Your password will be emailed to you once we receive your form submission. Arts Alliance of Stratford reserves the right to withhold entry to this session to any form entries that we deem suspicious.

Only participants who register through the Figure Drawing Via Zoom page will be admitted into the session. You MAY NOT share the meeting link and password with anyone else. Anyone who violates this rule as either the supplier or receiver of the meeting login information will be forever banned from all Arts Alliance of Stratford programs and activities.

The “Submit” button will be hidden until the age requirement is met and the terms & conditions are agreed to.

All registrations must be complete. A complete registration includes all required form fields be filled and payment when redirected to Paypal. If payment is not completed, you must make other arrangements to make payment.

Our forms software does not work with Microsoft Internet Explorer V. 6 and older. We are unable to troubleshoot form submission issues related to older and obsolete web browsers.

Member discount: To register with the $7.00 member discount fee, you must be a member of the Arts Alliance of Stratford (AAS) in good standing. If a non-member registers using the member discount, we will treat these registrations as incomplete until they pay the $3.00 balance for their registration, or they become a member of AAS. Only then will they receive the meeting password.

  • To become a member of Arts Alliance of Stratford, go to our Membership Application and complete the registration and payment. Your membership is good for one year from the date you registered
  • A non member who accidentally or unintentionally registers with the member discount may complete their registration by paying the $5.00 balance using one of the options below:
    • Log into your Paypal account and make a $5.00 payment to supporting@artsallianceofstratford.org
    • Mail a check for $5.00, made out to “Arts Alliance of Stratford” to:
      Arts Alliance of Stratford
      c/o Sterling House Community Center
      2283 Main Street
      Stratford, CT 06615

Computer and Zoom videoconferencing proficiency: This figure drawing session will take place on the Zoom videoconferencing application. It is the responsibility of all attendees to develop their own proficiency in this software before attending any of our online programs and workshops. Arts Alliance of Stratford does not provide training for Zoom or any other videoconferencing software. An attendee’s ability to find the model and pin the model’s video is solely the responsibility of each attendee. Arts Alliance of Stratford does not, and will not offer technical support for video, audio or any Zoom-specific or computer issues related to the device the attendee is using to connect to either the Figure Drawing Via Zoom meeting or the Long Pose Figure Study meeting.

To keep the model on screen at all times, each attendee must “pin” the model’s video. Instructions for pinning a video are here. For any attendees who have not reviewed these instructions, Arts Alliance of Stratford will not offer technical support for how to pin the model during the meeting.

Refund policy: No refunds will be offered for missed sessions. Additionally, no refunds will be offered to attendees who are unable to see the model during the meeting due to:

  • lack of proficiency with using the Zoom application
  • malfunctions of attendee’s device or attendee’s device does not meet the minimum hardware requirements required by the Zoom application.

Zoom figure drawing registrations and payments are specifically for the date time and unique Zoom meeting ID of the figure drawing session for which you registered. This date, time and ID will be specified in the email you receive after you register. If you do not see this email, check your SPAM folder.

Zoom figure Drawing payments may not be transferred to any other dates without approval from the organizer. If you paid for Zoom figure drawing and cannot attend, you must contact the organizer, Mark Hannon no later than 24 hours prior to the date for which you paid ? phone/text, 203-685-5348 or email, hannonart@gmail.com. We will apply your payment to the next scheduled session.

By clicking the “Submit” button on the registration page,, you are agreeing to these terms & conditions in its entirety.

We encourage artists of all levels who wish to draw from a live model. Be considerate of the model and each other, and we will have a great session.